Friday, November 09, 2007

Guess I'd better eat some worms.

First the doctor who wouldn't even touch me and now my hairdresser has "referred" me to someone else. I may just have to get really mean and ugly. This is way too small a town for this elitist crap. Although I've noticed that it happens just as much if not more than in Portland. There are some awfully big fish who don't seem to realize just how little this pond is. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ya Think?

Headline from Today's paper: "1985 prison escapee held without bail". I would say so, i would be surprised if it wasn't the shortest bail hearing ever. It only took 20 years to find him after he escaped the last time. He is flight risk.

Look at your signature. One of our clients signs things Saul Aut, which bears no resemblance to his name whatsoever! He's just having so much fun with the fountain pen he's making inadvertant letters. Mine at least has a few letters that actually appear in my name. I think it helps having an anchor letter in the middle. When I write my signature it takes four separate "pen wiggles" and has two stops. Mr. Aut does too though. He has two separate "pen wiggles" and two stops, one of which involves changing from a counterclockwise to clockwise motion. "Aut" actually consists of nine letters! I wonder what the correct term for "pen wiggles" is?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Just some silly things . . . for no real reason

"Anti-Monkey Butt Powder" - I saw it on a receipt for a client at work and couldn't believe it. Purchased at an outdoor outfitter store. So I looked it up and it is real, designed for avid riders of the motorcycle, but also useful for horse riders, bikers, and Native American Dancers to prevent heat rash, saddle soreness and chafing.

Along the same vein is "Tired Old Ass Soak" a bath salt for the "overworked and underappreciated"

R'lyeh Perfume: No I am not kidding. The Place is called Black Pheonix Alchemy and it makes perfume oils for the Goth crowd and they have a whole line of Picnic in Arkham scents. Check out their website. It's pretty twisted.

The Body of Christ was Sourdough again. I don't mind that they use artisan loaves from the local bakery for communion, even if they are leavened, but Sourdough? Christ the Carpenter, Christ the Shepherd, Christ the Teacher, Christ the King and Christ the Miner 49er? No.

I tried to crochet a hat, somehow it turned into a blanket. That's what I get for listening to evangelist podcasts. Does that make them podevangelists? If they are on the tv and have podcasts then are they Telepodevangelists? Kind of sounds like an early Doctor Who alien "Night of the Telepodevangelists" "Dawn of the Telepodevangelists" "The Daleks vs. the Telepodevangelists"

Friday, August 24, 2007

A freaky occurrence

The black shadow thing came back last night! Last time it was mabye three feet tall, but this time it was well over 6 feet! I woke up shaking I was so scared, just from its being there, standing in front of my closet door. At least this time I know I was asleep when I "saw" it. Last two times it was right at that point between waking and sleeping so I'm not sure. Creepy.

This particular phenomenon has a name: Hypnogogia. These are brief flashes of images, sensations and sounds that occur right in that spot between waking and sleeping. Kind of like moving the radio dial from one station to the next and catching a blurt of a third station in between. I've had them since 7th grade. Just drifting off to sleep and Whammo! someone yells my name, or screams out on the driveway, or kicks me or my all time favorite, being "woken up" by a sword blade going right through my heart from the mattress below and hearing laughing from under the bed. That one happened several times. I'll take the shadow people, thanks.

The Psych-Pagan-goolihey community says it's a reaction to re-entry after astral travel, but I don't know about that one. No solid information.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Yo No Comprendo

I can read sci-fi, I can read horror, I can read mysteries, non-fiction about serial killers all without any issues, but I read a book on Fung shei (sp?) and I have nightmares. Animals at the foot of the bed scratching around, people (that no be there!) waking me up. What gives?

Friday, July 27, 2007

A case for Technology Trolls

O.K. what the *****?? After months and weeks of not having internet access we finally go ahead and set me up with a wireless internet connection and now I can't get this crazy blog thing to work. It will not will not will not let me submit any comments on anyone else's post it just keeps going around in circles asking me to type in nonsense word after nonsense word and won't post the damned thing. I couldn't tell my brother's friend (who's into pirates) about the guy dressed up as a pirate at our town's fair, complete with cutlass and working (though not loaded) pistol. I can't comment on any of my brother's posts. I wrote down my user name and password and i've tried endless variations of it. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! Phillipa no think, Phillipa toss computer out the window!