Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Things I don't Understand

White House/Black Market: a women's clothing store where everything is black and white. All of it! two of these stores have opened up within ten miles of my place this Fall.

Why its so freaking hard to find a map of the world that focuses on the topography and not the political boundaries. Or has every city delineated with cute little drawings. I'm trying to track prehistoric people movement here!

Why Jewish status is determined by the mother when the genetic evidence says that the paternal genetic status is "purer" with regular influx of other genetic strains through intermarriage with local women.

The cliche of the "funny" blind guy. What's up with that?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Semitic Race Slurs

Part IV of my continuing series on Anti-Semitism: What follows is a listing of racial slurs used against Jewish people by English speakers. This list is a combination of three racial slur databases available on the web.

It must be stated that our worst, nastiest and cruelest slurs have been reserved for the blacks, probably because they were created when blacks had no political, economic or social power to fight them. Comparatively, most of these are pretty tame, some are wierd, but some are just horrid.

Many of the slurs on the lists are rude ways of describing appearance:
Big Nose, hook-nose, Nickle-nose, Six-nose, Snazzo, Mosquito and Toucan Sam for large noses.

Beanie, Cap-head and Yid-Lid for wearing Yarmulkes.

Wierd Beard, Curl Merchant, Frummer (from Yidd. Frum "devout) and Kosher Clansmen for Hasidic Jews. Curlie can refer to Hasidic Jews or the fact that Curley Howard of the 3 Stooges was Jewish.

Koshie, Matzoh Gobbler, Porky and Bagel Dog to refer to dietary restrictions.

Jewbacca, from Chewbacca for a Jew with lots of hair.

Half-dick, Clip-tip, Snip-Cock (Henry Ford's favorite) and 10% off, refer to circumcision.

Other slams show up the stereotypes we have for Jewish people:
Slot Machine, Yiddiot, Penny Pincher, Jewpidity, Palm Beacher or Snowbirds (now used for any retiree who goes south for the winter) and "famous" jews: Seinfeld, Goldberg, Shylock, Hannah, Horvitz, Burger (from names ending Berg). Benny (from Benjamin or Jack Benny), Stein and Lewinsky. Hymie from the name Chaim was used by Jesse Jackson. He called New York Hymie-town.

One of the really wierd ones is Gargamel, from the Smurfs cartoon show, intended to show greed and bad disposition I guess.

Some are just not-so-flattering terms: Jewess, Jewlet and J.A.P. for a spoiled teenage girl or young woman, jewblings for jewish children, Hebe and Brew for Hebrew, Crikey which is derived from Christ Killer, Zionazis, for the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, Jew jew Bee, from the candy, Ickey-Mo from Isaac-Moses.

Kike, which will get you punched out, is surprisingly benign in meaning. Its from the yiddish work Keikl meaning "Circle". The story is that illiterate Jewish immigrants would sign their name with a circle instead of the "X".

Another wierd one is "Interesting" a sort of short-hand used by upper class WASP women when discussing men "oh my god, he is soo gorgeous. Go over there and talk to him." "I don't know . . he looks . . Interesting". To the other extreme Matzo-Baller is a non-Jewish person who preferrs Jewish sex partners.

Mixes of Jewish with other people produce such gems as Chashew(Jew/Catholic), Hebro or Jewgaboo(Jew/Black or Jew who acts black), Jewrab, Juban, Jewxican, Jewbu (Jewish convert to Buddhism), Jewmaican (Jew/Jamaican or a Jew who acts Rastafarian), Jewford (Jew/Buford a stupid southern Jew), Jewop (Jew/Italian) and Marrano (Jew who converts to Catholicism or marries a Catholic for social or political reasons).

Racists who don't prefer the above use terms like Jesus Killer, Culture Destroyer (Nazi term) Vampire (for the drinking of the blood of white children), Gatemaster (as in Gates of Hell), The Self-chosen, and David Irvings "delightful" acronym A.S.S.H.O.L or Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and other Liars.

The real nasty ugly slurs though are the World War II "jokes"
Hickory-Smoked, German candle, German oven mitt, Firewood, Matchstick, Oven-baked, Pizza, Popular Science, Hot Pocket, Campers, Bones, Snowflakes (as in "ashes like"), Lampshade, Dial (as in the soap), AMF ("Arbeit Macht Frei" work brings freedom, over the gate at Auschwitz) and Mockey, a favorite with Andrew Dice Clay, a NYC-ese for "Markie" referring to the numbers tatooed on concentration camp survivor's arms. Brrrr.

My favorite one from the list, as heard in the movie The Life of Brian is Red-Sea Pedestrian. Not too offensive.

Finally, just for a bit of balance, what they call us: Goyim (from the Hebrew for nation, a derogatory word for Gentiles), Meeshkite, used for ugly women, Shiksa a non-Jewish woman and Shaggy , a non-Jewish youth, may be from Scooby Doo.

Our Friend Henry Ford

Part 3 of this series on Anti-Semitism.

Mr. Ford had very strict ideas on how people should behave and took steps to make sure other people did as he wanted. In 1914 he instigated a profit sharing program in his auto plants called the 5 dollar a day program. Men who were over 22 years of age, had worked at the plant for more than 6 months and conducted their lives according to Ford's standards could qualify for an 8 hour work day and $5.00 per day in pay (instead of 9 hours and $2.34). He created a Sociological Department of 150 investigators and support staff to administer the program.

In 1915 Ford arranged a trip to Europe to visit various officials in an attempt to end World War I.

1919 Ford started a Newspaper known as the Dearborn Independent. It ran for 8 years, during that time Ford contributed several articles (though they may have been written by others) spelling out his own social theories and his firm belief that wherever there were problems in America, you would find the Jews. The paper also reprinted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in 1927 and a four volume set entitled "The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem". You could pick up a copy of the set at any Ford dealership.

Henry Ford was a big supporter of Nazi ideology. There is some evidence he may have provided the financial backing for some of Adolph Hitler's early political career but a Congressional Investigation in 1933 couldn't find any paper trail so the only evidence is anecdotal. He did, however assist Germany in the building of a factory that produced trucks and track vehicles (using forced labor) in 1938 and he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle for his efforts, along with a personal congratulatory message from Adolph Hitler himself and a portrait of Ford was in Nazi headquarters in Munich.

In 1942 Ford wrote a letter denouncing Anti-Semitism and apologising for his earlier writings and statements but some believe it was a PR move and not a sincere statement.

He was adamantly anti-union (probably believed it to be a Jewish plot, per the Protocols) He hired an Ex-Navy boxer to be the head of the plant's security department. In 1937 union organizers and security personnel got into a big bloody brawl known as the Battle of the Overpass.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

More racist literature from the internet. The claim is that these are the minutes for a secret meeting held at midnight in a cemetery of all the jewish leaders in Europe. It's supposedly a record of their activities up until 1850, and their plans for Europe through 1950.

The first version was published as an underground document in 1868 by a man named Goedsche. He had ties to the Prussian secret police due to his apparent knack in creating forged documents to justify police activities. This was probably another attempt to give the state leverage against its Jewish population. Quite a bit of the document appears to have been "lifted" from an earlier work written in France about a conversation in Hell between Montesque and Machiavelli outlining a political conspiracy.

The first public appearance of the document was in 1905 in Russia. A priest names Sergius Nilus published the Protocols as fact to try to blame the Russian revolution on the Jews.

From that day to this the debate continues. Racist and supremist movements continue to publish the Protocols as fact, real minutes of a real meeting, evidence of a real conspiracy. Henry Ford, of Ford motor fame sponsored a printing of the Protocols in the U.S. in 1927. Russia even held a court trial to determine the veracity of the document and declared it to be a forgery. Japan, on the other hand prints it as fact and a good example of conspiracy and statecraft, like reading Machiavelli's "The Prince". Arab newspapers still print excerpts from it as proof of Jewish treachery and usurpation.

I read the thing yesterday. An English version is available online, although you have to dig a bit through all the articles that hate them to find it. Some points:
  • The Protocols state that if they control Europe they'll control the whole world. Was that even true in the 1800's?
  • The despotic ruler they intend to put in place will appear to be benevolent and fatherly and will be raised to rule from birth but will only be allowed to take the throne by passing examination by the council of Elders. Also abuses of power such as nepotism and appropriating funds will be severly punished. How Evil is that?
  • The Protocols state that they will outlaw Christ, but the following description of what they intend to do only covers the destruction of the secular power of the Church.
  • It's all but stated overtly that this Jewish despot is the Anti-Christ (the version I read the editor did state it in the margin) Hmmm.

I don't know. I guess I just don't get the "single world government as evil" doctrine that race groups and fundamental Christian groups both seem adamant is the case. Stable economy, no more war, better distribution of goods, a way to insist that conflicting idealogies play nice with each other. I'm not that keen on homogenous humanity where everyone looks acts and thinks the same, but does one necessitate the other?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Adamic Seedlines

Wow! you can really find some wild stuff to read on this internet thingy.

The other day I turned on a Veteran's Day special about WWII. They were showing color film footage that someone smuggled out of the Polish ghettos and showed to the President of the U.S. (according to this special he refused to believe it.) Anyway, wanting something more cheerful to watch I go to change the channel and Whammo! one of the dead children lying on the sidewalk breathes. Inhale and exhale, on camera, the flies even moved. What the hell?

It's a continuous assertion by white supremist movements that the Nazi Holocaust wasn't real. That it was war propaganda by the Jewish controlled media to make the Nazi regime look bad. Their insist the Nazi's put their jewish populations in ghettos and concentration camps but they were treated and fed well and the only deaths were due to unfortunate diseases and fighting among themselves. The mass graves, death marches, gas chambers etc. are all lies and the photographic evidence is all faked. They even go so far as to insist that the anecdotal evidence from "survivors" are lies, part of the Jewish conspiracy to undermine any attempt to maintain pure race bloodlines.

Anyway, that's background. That corpse in her little headscarf breathing got me started thinking (always a dangerous thing) so today I went online looking for "evidence" of the "Jewish Conspiracy" and I came across something very interesting; Adamic Seedlines.

I came across several articles, both for and against the doctrine from white supremist, jewish and theological sources. It's basic "thing it says" is that during the war in heaven when Lucifer got tossed, souls who helped the spirit of Christ and his angels were given the "birthright" and souls who helped Lucifer or sat back and did nothing weren't. This Birthright was an inalienable right to know and administer the will of God. When these souls were born onto the earth they would take that birthright with them.

Step two was during the whole Eden thing. Eve had sex with Adam and either the serpent or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (it varies) which was really Satan. (Sex with a tree?) She had twin sons, Cain the son of Satan and Abel the son of Adam. Abel had the birthright, Cain wanted it for himself so he killed Abel and was cast out because of it. Then Adam and Eve had Seth and Seth was a soul with the birthright.

From that point to this it continues on; direct descendants of Adam, those of pure blood, have souls from this queue of beings annointed with the birthright. They are the true people of God, believers in Christ, true rulers of the world, and white. All other peoples of the earth are descendants of Satan who have a single goal in this world, get the birthright for themselves. They think they can acheive this goal by interbreeding with the Adamic seedline. Once there are no more "pure" people with the birthright they can have the power. They also like to start wars between Adamic groups in the hopes they will wipe each other out.

  • Their explanation that the Jewish people became the Old Testament people of God because of Talmudic Jesuits rewriting the Bible during Roman times is a bit of a stretch.
  • Is there any Archaeological evidence that the Judeans, which they insist were pureblood, birthright people, were white? Are there any skeletal differences?
  • I liked the con writer who argued that Satan was a spirit and had no body so Eve having sex with the Devil was like saying the Virgin Mary had sex with God.
  • I keep wanting to recite my Bene Gesserit training "fear is the mind killer . .
  • Racists do have one point that is definately true; interracial breeding will result in the minority being absorbed into the genetic majority. In that case we should all be learning Chinese.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm game!

Mr. Moody Minstrel says he'd like me to participate in this blog tag thing. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, but here are my answers:

7 things I plan to do before I die:
  1. Make friends with a connected Egyptologist, so I can tour the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.
  2. See a really cool thunderstorm.
  3. Pay back the money I owe my parents
  4. Have a wall full of books in real wood bookshelves.
  5. Have some kind of vocation, the search continues . . .
  6. Live in my dream space in a nice small city.
  7. Understand the nature of the human soul.

7 things I can do:

  1. Make good cookies.
  2. Play the piano.
  3. Knit, Crochet and Tatt (a little)
  4. Learn new computer programs "on the fly"
  5. Organize a weekend campout for 20!
  6. Perform and/or speak in front of a large group (altough I haven't done it in a while)
  7. Be organized! (though neat I ain't)

7 things I cannot do:

  1. Cheat, backstab, sabotage any of that screw the other guy to get ahead stuff.
  2. Fall for pick up lines. Especially the drunk and stupid variety. (Has "I got an air mattress in the back of my truck" ever worked?)
  3. Fit in. I'm just too strange for that.
  4. Tolerate being lied to or patronized.
  5. Kiss-ass. and in the same vein,
  6. Flirt, which probably accounts for,
  7. Keep a job. I keep getting laid off.

7 things that attract me to another person:

  1. Common interests
  2. Open and tolerant religious views.
  3. good speaking voice (that's the musician in me)
  4. Strangeness: the golf, suburban home, SUV, set isn't what I want.
  5. Lots of active interests of their own.
  6. Clarity in their own life. Something I want, I guess I hope its contagious.
  7. a good sense of the ridiculous.

7 things I say the most:

  1. "Phillpott Tater Tot." (he's a mighty hunter:) replacement swear word and question answer.
  2. "Gon ditty bau bau". this is a funky bass rhythm, bobbing of the head is required.
  3. "Fancy Pants" to denote something high class or pretentious.
  4. "Keeka, meow!" and "doggie!"
  5. "Mr. Lady" used to denote other drivers on the road. "Excuse me Mr. Lady, Watch it Mr. Lady."
  6. "That is so cool" Solely by my own standards, you understand.
  7. Repeating consonant sounds, I actually developed a stutter 3-4 years ago.

More things I don't understand

Down purses. I get the whole "match the purse to your coat" thing, but why waste the down?

High water pants with boots.

The other day on the T.V. I saw a Irish guy in an Irish pub, drinking a Corona!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Work (a rant)

Why is it that work is still a soul sucking, mind numbing race to make the bosses rich and the workers dead? Sometimes it feels like we haven't left the industrial revolution yet. Why? why does it have to be so difficult to figure out a way to make a living that won't eat all your time, destroy your health, turn your own family into strangers and expose you to the daily dangers of commuting and flourescent lighting?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Things I just don't understand

Carmen. Set in Spain, about Spanish people, sung in French.

"The One Thing You Need to Know", the title of a book that's nearly an inch thick.

"The Idiot's Guide to Fertility" I'm very frightened for some reason.

Drip dry or dry clean bedsheets. Or towels, placemats, bedspreads.

Hairless dogs or cats, why not get a pet iguana?

A pastor who thinks that Harry Potter books are the work of Satan, but is a big Lord of the Rings fan.

A made for TV movie set in France that used English as their "French" language, but the actors all spoke with French accents! Except the English character who spoke with an English accent. Shouldn't it have been the other way around?