Monday, October 08, 2007

Just some silly things . . . for no real reason

"Anti-Monkey Butt Powder" - I saw it on a receipt for a client at work and couldn't believe it. Purchased at an outdoor outfitter store. So I looked it up and it is real, designed for avid riders of the motorcycle, but also useful for horse riders, bikers, and Native American Dancers to prevent heat rash, saddle soreness and chafing.

Along the same vein is "Tired Old Ass Soak" a bath salt for the "overworked and underappreciated"

R'lyeh Perfume: No I am not kidding. The Place is called Black Pheonix Alchemy and it makes perfume oils for the Goth crowd and they have a whole line of Picnic in Arkham scents. Check out their website. It's pretty twisted.

The Body of Christ was Sourdough again. I don't mind that they use artisan loaves from the local bakery for communion, even if they are leavened, but Sourdough? Christ the Carpenter, Christ the Shepherd, Christ the Teacher, Christ the King and Christ the Miner 49er? No.

I tried to crochet a hat, somehow it turned into a blanket. That's what I get for listening to evangelist podcasts. Does that make them podevangelists? If they are on the tv and have podcasts then are they Telepodevangelists? Kind of sounds like an early Doctor Who alien "Night of the Telepodevangelists" "Dawn of the Telepodevangelists" "The Daleks vs. the Telepodevangelists"