Friday, November 19, 2010

Whats so memorable about riding a bike?

Wow. It has really been a whole year since I posted anything on my blog. I think that may qualify as heresy. So what's up? My hair grew back and it grew back curly. The infection is just a bad memory but the psoriasis is still around. I got laid off back in April 2010 and openings to apply for are far between, which is discouraging. I've been earning some income watching people's pets but my 2010 resolution to have an apartment by the end of this year was kind of shot to hell.

I spent today uploading Christmas cds to Itunes (we have a lot of Christmas music at this house). I found out that one of the cats I sit for was put to sleep this afternoon. He had cancer. Then I had a two hour handbell rehearsal this evening. I've got three performances with the group I play with regularly plus I'm substitute ringer for another group. After that I went to a house to let a cat in for the night, feed him his supper and give him a good itch around the ears. (Purr purr purr)

Whoa! Mark Mothersbaugh followed by Josh Groban. Brain hurts, brain hurts! Maybe I shouldn't have put my holiday library on Shuffle.