Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More I forgot

So I'm a little out of it. I've been feeling like overcooked sludge. My labs results are in. I have a bacterial skin infection and the bacteria in question is resistant to Clindamycin. That's right. The anti-biotic that put me through weeks of hell doesn't kill it. Congratulations!

Oh I forgot to add . .

I forgot to mention in the previous installment, when my infection came back, my hair started falling out in great globs. No bald spots yet, but it hasn't stopped shedding. Good thing I can make knit hats in a hurry. I may need some indoor weight ones and soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Please please please

I have very high hopes for these anti-biotics. I'm on day two and I'm already seeing a decrease in the oozing. Very very nice. Now please, immune system, don't see this one as an invader and flood my system with mast chemicals.

I'm off the bleach baths too and my skin is starting to return to normal instead of feeling like sandpaper. I won't be happy if it turns out that the bleach prolonged the infection instead of helping it. Oh well. Modern science.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Now I'm a little nervous

O.k. went to the doctor. She is going to try me on another anti-biotic and I'm rather scared. It's an old school Sulfa drug, I've never taken one before, but then I had never taken anything in the Clindamycin family either. I just don't want to land in the hospital.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cool be long gone.

My scalp infection is back. Over the weekend it started oozing and itching and prickling and the smell is back. Ick. My mother put her foot down and called her cousin, who is a dermatologist, to ask her advice and when she found out no one has done any labs on me at all she announced that she didn't like it and wanted to see me as soon as possible. So I'm going tommorrow. She is going to biopsy my head. Maybe she will send the whole head in to the lab and give me a loaner. What do you think?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Losing my Cool

I am soooo sick of this skin stuff! It's healing bit by bit but it is taking so very looooooonnnnngg. and it's one of those two steps forward one step back things where I am improving but it keeps popping up with new surprises. I broke out in a huge case of pimples, for example. My stomache is some kind of strange dot-to-dot book of little pimply things. The oozing is going down, but I go through whole hours where it feels like all my hair is standing up. Wierd, to say the least. oh, and my neck keeps splitting. The skin is so damaged it doesn't really stretch, it splits. I just manage to get it healed up enought and think "o.k. it's going to heal now" and it splits again. aaarrrgh. and double aaarrrgh. and a third aaaaarrrrggghhh!!