Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Man, People Suck!

One of the worst parts of working here is that you get to see people at their absolute worst! Grown children cheating their old parents out of everything. Liars and thieves of all sorts, bad midlife crises that are going to destroy the people involved, but no one can talk them out of the decision. Elderly people with dementia who either have no one who gives a damn or people preying on them. Good people in horrible trouble and horrible people who seem to be made of Teflon. Spouses spending money on their lovers and People appropriating things that aren't theirs. Right now we are watching a big ugly train wreck. A combined personal and business crash with very high stakes. Thank God for Tequila and television!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hmmm, maybe I should rob a bank?

Great Grandpa's house is on the market. The one he and his sons (grandpa and great uncles) built here in our little town. It's on the river, has its own dock, a really nice shop building and an addition by a previous owner, a little apartment off the laundry room. My mother and I went to the estate sale of the latest owner and I thought then that it would be nice to buy it and live there, but I didn't know then that their heirs were going to sell. The best part about it is that it's probably haunted! Great Grandpa died of sudden heart failure inside the house. The flat it sits on is already pretty "active" so it could easily have permanent residents of the non-corporeal sort. (Moooo! sorry, inside joke) It would just be nice to have more room. A space for a craft table and maybe a reading chair. . . .

It's a pipe dream though. Even pooling our resources it's way beyond our means and since Dad didn't win a million dollars at the casino on his birthday . . .