Friday, November 09, 2007

Guess I'd better eat some worms.

First the doctor who wouldn't even touch me and now my hairdresser has "referred" me to someone else. I may just have to get really mean and ugly. This is way too small a town for this elitist crap. Although I've noticed that it happens just as much if not more than in Portland. There are some awfully big fish who don't seem to realize just how little this pond is. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ya Think?

Headline from Today's paper: "1985 prison escapee held without bail". I would say so, i would be surprised if it wasn't the shortest bail hearing ever. It only took 20 years to find him after he escaped the last time. He is flight risk.

Look at your signature. One of our clients signs things Saul Aut, which bears no resemblance to his name whatsoever! He's just having so much fun with the fountain pen he's making inadvertant letters. Mine at least has a few letters that actually appear in my name. I think it helps having an anchor letter in the middle. When I write my signature it takes four separate "pen wiggles" and has two stops. Mr. Aut does too though. He has two separate "pen wiggles" and two stops, one of which involves changing from a counterclockwise to clockwise motion. "Aut" actually consists of nine letters! I wonder what the correct term for "pen wiggles" is?