Friday, June 27, 2008

I think the building is going to explode!

The plumbing is making the wierdest noise. a vibrating, groaning sort of noise in the walls that only stops while the water is running and then starts again even louder. I'm afraid our file room may turn into Steamboat Geyser any minute now. I called the owner and here he is!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well this week started off kind of ugly. I had an appointment this morning for a root canal and yesterday my car started running like an old washing machine and the "check engine soon" light started blinking. Ouch. and expensive too.

When I went to the dentist though, he found out that my tooth wasn't infected, I didn't need a root canal. He just drilled it out good, put in some dental wedges (whatever those are) and plugged in a couple of fillings. A total savings of $ 1,593.00! (Sold, to the lady in the pink tiara!) Now about my car . . .

I have a problem getting it fixed though. They are paving the highway and getting through town takes 30 minutes or more. The local repair shop is blocked off by the construction and the place I usually take my car is 15 miles beyond the construction zone. Good thing I have nowhere important to go.

Now that I'm not going to be broke for 3 months . . . I want books!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Great Quest

Since I live in a small town with gloomy weather and not a whole lot of social opportunities (not that I'm not a pre-serial killer loner anyway, heh heh heh) I've been trying all sorts of crafty hobby sorts of things to keep my brain active. Some of my favorites are:

Yarncraft -Knitting and crochet. I can make sampler squares of patterns and crochet flat things like scarves and afghans. I can even knit cables on flat things. Increasing and decreasing still make my brain hurt and I am the queen of dropping stitches, usually more than a foot into the piece. I love yarn though.

Beading: I've made a few pieces here and there. My mom wore one I made on a cruise last Spring and I made some keychains to sell at a fund raiser and a present or two. I even tried some bead weaving, which makes you cross-eyed quick after an 8 hour workday on the computer. I love beads though.

Poly-clay: My newest endeavor. Haven't actually made anything yet, just gathering some materials and information. I'd like to try making canes and there's a pattern for an embossed box that would be perfect to house my Tarot cards in. Not to mention making some pretty cool beads. I also liked the resin-water tidepool and koi pond. I may need a toaster oven. and some irridescent accent powders, and some pearl and granite clays, and . . .

Dollmaking: Polyclay good for faces. Plus I've had this irreverant and evil idea for a Dress-Me Anubis for years and I don't have the skills to make it a reality. A 2-3 foot tall black jackal-headed stuffed figure with a traditional Old Kingdom Pharoah's outfit (Suten) plus a tutu, a victorian striped swimsuit, a disco suit, maybe a cheerleader oufit (Harakhte, Harakhte, Ra, Ra Ra!) Hmmmm Apuat Ken? Red Carpet Thoth? Double hmmmm. Those articulated wood figures for artists with a new head? Surfer Champ Horus? I know, Dinner Date Osiris deluxe playset with perfumed fat cone and floating sarcophagus!

The Keen and Quing of Engwand. Hee hee hee hee hee. Snort.