Monday, July 22, 2013

Your burning bush

What would you do if you found yourself called by God to do something drastic? Free thousands of people, start a new country, stand before a crowd and say things that will get you tortured and killed badly. Leave everything of your own life behind. Watch children die. Be the one to announce their death is coming. Be hungry, cold, poor, homeless, forced to rely solely and completely on God to provide food and shelter. Watch the skies and trust the crow or manna will come again tommorrow. How would you do? Would you dive in like Samuel or try to run like Jonah? Make excuses like Moses? Even Christ pleaded to be excused from what was asked of him. What about you?

It's an idea that frightens me. I want a quiet and safe little life with a small house, a couple of pets, a small circle of family and friends. I want three meals a day and a hot shower, clean clothes, cold Pepsi, central heating, indoor plumbing and internet. The only kind of calling I want to hear is the easily answered kind: "I've always known I was meant to . . . .(be a doctor, fly airplanes, design bridesmaid dresses). While I would love to see an angel, I don't want it giving me any instructions.

Now I'm not talking about going to another country for a few years to build schools or help the sick or save the rainforest. I'm talking about being sent to do something dangerous and complete, something irrevocable like Paul turning from Christian hater to pillar of the church.

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