Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm still here.

I keep expecting this thing to disappear because I never seem to use it. but here it is! still accepting my password and letting me write things for whatever reason.
What's up? not much. After 19 months of unemployment I have a job, part time but work nonetheless.
Health? going to hell in a handbasket. My psoriasis has been making me miserable for two months now. Going to see my derm in two weeks.
I've also been having this fun problems with my vision. They are called ocular migraines. It's basically all the visual symptoms of a migraine but without the following knock yo ass down headache. I've been having them every day, sometimes two a day for a week or more so my doctor had me go in for a CT scan. Now anyone who says my head is empty or that I have no brain or I am an airhead can be refuted with empirical evidence. There is a picture of my brain.

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